Thibodaux Truck Accident Lawyer

Have you endured catastrophic injuries due to your involvement in a tractor-trailer collision? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. A truck accident attorney in Thibodaux can help you work to get the most out of your claim.

Seemingly no motor vehicle can go up against a big rig and come out unscathed. It is not uncommon for those who are struck by a tractor-trailer to suffer traumatic brain damage, loss of limb, spinal cord damage, severe burns, and other devastating injuries. As such, injury victims will often look into their options for taking legal action against whoever is to blame for the cause of their vehicle accident.

At the Law Office of Braud & Gallagher, we are dedicated to fighting for the repayment our clients deserve. Our Thibodaux truck accident lawyers work tirelessly to build a compelling case in your favor so that ideally the insurance company, judge, and/or jury feel compelled to award you full compensation for your losses.

Making the Decision to Pursue Your Injury Claim

As you research the personal injury claims process, there are many details that you should know before making the decision to file your claim. First, it’s important that you carefully consider your options but that you do so in a timely manner.

The statute of limitations for truck accident claims in Louisiana is only one year from the date of the accident or from the day of your diagnosed injury, whichever is later. This is paramount, because if you fail to file your claim within this time frame, the courts will refuse to hear your case if you choose to file your claim at a later date.

Thankfully, if you consult with an attorney sooner rather than later, we can help ensure that your decision is made well within the statute of limitations.

Will Shared Fault Impact Your Truck Crash Case?

Shared fault, commonly referred to as comparative negligence, could have a substantial impact on the resolution of your claim, depending on how much fault you carry for the cause of the accident.

Though you will still be entitled to seek compensation from the individual or entity that is primarily to blame, you should expect to have any settlement you are awarded reduced by your portion of shared fault. Let’s look at an example of comparative negligence in a truck accident claim:

Julie was driving 10 mph over the speed limit when she was struck by a drunk tractor-trailer driver. Since Julie was speeding at the time of the accident, the judge found her to be 5 percent at fault for the injuries she sustained, and her original $200,000 settlement was reduced to $190,000.

Reach Out to a Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney in Thibodaux

When you have been seriously injured after being struck by an 18-wheeler, a Thibodaux truck accident lawyer at the Law Office of Braud & Gallagher may be able to help you take charge of your life.

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