Best people in the world. They are like family.

Christian Q.

Very welcoming staff with great personality. They really do care about you as a person at Braud & Gallagher and I have never had communication issues with Arlen and will continue to use them with any legal issues I encounter!

Josh A.

I was in an auto accident and had a severe back injury that required surgery. Mr. Braud and his firm were very helpful and compassionate. Mr. Braud was very informative and he definitely was very knowledgeable in personal injury. He kept me informed and updated throughout my case. He was very prompt in returning my calls and answering questions about my case and just anything I needed. He cares about his clients and is very pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend Mr. Braud.


After my car accident, I experienced severe back pain and major car problems. I didn’t want to deal with the hassles of insurance companies, so I hired Arlen Braud to represent me. He was extremely knowledgeable & professional. His firm kept me well informed, thoroughly explained my case from start to finish and truly CARED about me! I would definitely use him again and would highly recommend his firm to my friends and family.


If you have been hurt or were in a accident and need a Lawyer….. LOOK NO FURTHER! Braud and Gallagher are who you want on your side… The difference with this Law Firm is that they actually KNOW the law… They are not the typical, as seen on tv, cookie cutter attorneys, that are out to just get you in their office, ignore you, then move you through like cattle in a chute to get the case settled. Arlen and Michelle take the time to evaluate your case and they explore all the options they have. I was so impressed with how well they understood the law and how it applies differently to every case. I had a hard time finding a law firm to represent me in my injury case. Arlen and Michelle came and met with me personally and said they were not certain about the case but they would like to try and help me. They did more than just help me,….. They have such a great team and they really understand the law and how it works. They took a case that everyone said was a waste of time and had no value and turned it into a just shy of a seven figure judgment.. Watching them,in court was like watching a forensic law/cop show, every obstacle, they had a response for, or within moments had the answers needed for any and all inquiries from the judge…
All I can tell you is Arlen Braud, Michelle Gallagher, Steve Jackson and the office staff were not what I expected, They actually care about you and what your going through. They truly saved my life and kept me from being a disabled man trying to decide what cat food I would have to eat the rest of my life, to being able to keep a roof over my head and keep the lights on. I will never be able to let them know how truly grateful I am.. With all the cookie cutter and tv commercial lawyers, with their stupid catch phrases, I was truly blessed to have them on my side and because of their ability to cross all the T’s and dot all the i’s, they did the impossible and landed a judgment for me that no one else could have or wanted to attempt ….. They SAVED my life and gave me a new future filled with hope and possibilities, instead of hardship and misery..

Shawn C.

We would like to thank you for going above and beyond for us on this journey! You have been nothing short of amazing!

The Parfait Family