Laplace Wrongful Death Lawyer

The passing of a loved one is devastating, perhaps more so when their death could have been prevented. For help holding the liable party to account, reach out to a qualified wrongful death lawyer in Laplace.

When you unexpectedly lose a close family member in a fatal accident, the grief can be overwhelming, but discovering that they didn’t have to die, and that someone else is responsible for causing their death, can turn your grief to anger.

If you are ready to take action and ensure that the person or persons who are to blame for your loved one’s death are brought to justice, you may need a qualified Laplace wrongful death lawyer to represent your case. We’ll do everything possible to ensure that every loss is taken into consideration so you can be awarded maximum compensation for the loss of your relative.

Louisiana Statute of Limitations for Wrongful Death Claims

Only specific individuals have the right to file a wrongful death claim in Louisiana and in other states. In Louisiana, this is typically the surviving spouse of the deceased, followed by their surviving children.

But since not everyone is married or has children, there are other family members who may have the right to pursue a wrongful death claim, as well as the personal representative of the decedent’s estate, in some cases.

Determining who should be held responsible for your loved one’s death is critical, as the statute of limitations for filing a Louisiana wrongful death claim is only one year from the day that the decedent passed away.

Though this may seem like plenty of time, when multiple family members feel as though they have the right to file the claim, the case can become more complicated than many families are prepared for.

Compensation Includes What Types of Losses?

The state allows compensation to include the losses of the decedent as well as those of the surviving family members. For the deceased, this might include pain and suffering, their lost wages, damage to their property, and the medical, funeral, and burial costs they accrued.

Surviving family members are entitled to repayment for damages that may consist of the loss of companionship, society, support, guidance, and love; the loss of household services; damage to the decedent’s earning potential; and more.

There is also the possibility that punitive damages could be issued, as is often the case when the culpable party acted in gross negligence, their actions were found to be egregious, or they were intending to cause harm to someone else through their actions. Punitive damages are only issued as a way for the court to impose a punishment of their own for these types of actions.

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