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Spine damage has the potential to effectively ruin lives. If you have been involved in an accident and have been diagnosed with a serious back injury, reach out to a regarded New Orleans spinal injury attorney who can help you recover the expenses you’ve incurred because of someone else’s negligence.

People who sustain spinal cord injuries have to deal with some of the most difficult recoveries out there. Not only can you expect to have a lengthy recuperation period, but you’ll need to take time off work until you are medically cleared to return, if ever. These are burdens no one should be made to bear. The least the liable person or persons can do is cover the costs they’ve imposed upon you.

Our qualified attorneys at the Law Office of Braud & Gallagher have the experience you need to work to secure a robust indemnity that will help to ease the challenges ahead. Don’t let yourself be forced to deal with more than you can handle. Hold the responsible entity liable for their actions by moving forward with a personal injury claim that will lessen your encumbrance.

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The Aftermath of Spinal Damage

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most debilitating injuries accident survivors endure. Depending on the portion of your spine that has been injured, you could be dealing with paralysis of one or all of your limbs.

Spinal injuries are classified as either complete or incomplete. If you retain feeling below the portion of your spine that has been injured, your injury is incomplete. A total loss of feeling is considered a complete injury.

The effects of spinal cord damage can manifest in a variety of ways based on which area of your spine has been harmed. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Paralysis of the affected limbs
  • Loss of bladder and bowel control
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Problems with breathing
  • Chronic pain
  • The inability to feel sensation

Damage of this caliber frequently requires extensive occupational and physical therapies that can help you to regain as much functionality as possible. In addition, mental health counseling will help survivors combat feelings of depression, anxiety, insomnia, flashbacks, and the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Accidents That May Cause Paralysis

When you’re involved in a serious accident, it stands to reason that you are likely to suffer from critical injuries. Most frequently, our New Orleans clients who have endured severe spinal cord damage have been harmed in motor vehicle accidents. However, almost any kind of accident has the potential for causing a spinal cord injury if certain circumstances are met.

The sudden impact of two vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed is bound to wreak havoc on the human body. Whether you were driving an automobile, bicycle, or motorcycle; riding on a bus; crossing an intersection as a pedestrian; or struck in some way by a tractor-trailer, your involvement in a devastating motor vehicle accident is bound to cause catastrophic injury, like that of damage to the spinal cord.

Other kinds of accidents that are known to cause spinal cord injuries include premises liability cases, including slip-and-fall accidents; construction or work injuries; and defective products claims. Though the type of accident you were injured in will determine how we investigate your case and establish liability, you should never have to deal with the expenses that relate to an injury you endured at the hands of another because of their carelessness.

Obtaining the Indemnity You Deserve in New Orleans

Once we are able to establish who the culpable party is in your case, we can begin calculating what a fair and reasonable compensation award will be. We do this by considering each area of your life that has been influenced by your injuries and placing a monetary value on every damage and loss.

Though there are seemingly countless damages we might be able to include in the pursuit of your New Orleans injury claim, there are some losses that nearly every case seeks to recover, such as your medical expenses in their entirety, the loss of enjoyment of life, your lost wages and future earnings, the deprivation of companionship and love, the loss of household services, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Our goal is to secure full requital for the losses you endured so that you are able to focus your energy on learning how to live with an oftentimes permanently disabling spinal cord injury rather than being plagued by financial worries.

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