New Orleans Train Accident Lawyer

There are few accidents as devastating as that of a train crash. If you’ve been injured, consult a qualified train accident lawyer in New Orleans to fight for the compensation you need for recovery.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the injuries and damage that people and property can sustain in a train wreck are often catastrophic. Since accidents of this nature are not as common as other kinds of accidents, you may be especially confused and unsure of what you should be doing in the days and weeks after the collision.

Is someone going to cover your costs? If so, who? Fortunately, your New Orleans train accident lawyer at the Law Office of Braud & Gallagher can offer options as to how you should move forward, whether that be filing a claim with the insurance company or pursuing a civil claim against the culpable party.

Who Is Responsible for Causing Your Injuries?

Figuring out who should be held accountable for the injuries you sustained in a commuter train accident can be complicated due to the fact that there are numerous individuals and entities who could have played a part in, or be responsible for, the cause of the crash. Some of the most common at-fault parties when it comes to train accidents include the following:

  • Parts manufacturers
  • Safety inspectors
  • The owner of the train
  • A government agency
  • The conductor
  • Train technicians
  • Passengers on the train

Your attorney will need to carefully examine the details of your train wreck, and gather as much evidence as possible in order to ascertain who the culpable party is. In many train accidents, there is more than one party to blame, and we will want to be sure that we bring claims against each liable person or persons so you can get the most out of your train accident claim.

Compensation in Your Train Wreck Claim

People often wonder if pursuing a civil claim for a train accident will be worth their time, and how much they can expect to recover.

In order to provide you with a personalized answer to this question—as every single case is different—we will need to take a look at the various ways your life has been negatively impacted by the commuter train crash. Do you have significant medical expenses? Are you unable to participate in activities you once loved? Has the accident left you with a permanent disability?

These are just a few of the financial and emotional losses you may have experienced due to the wreck, and your lawyer will need to take each loss into consideration to determine the value of your claim.

Get Help from a Train Accident Attorney in New Orleans

Train wreck survivors will often endure catastrophic injuries, and during your recovery, the last thing you should be worried about are the costs associated with your recovery. Working with an experienced New Orleans train accident lawyer at the Law Office of Braud & Gallagher could be your best chance at securing the compensation you need to pick up the pieces of your life.

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