I think I have a personal injury case. What should I do first? Do I really need a lawyer to pursue my case?

Contact Braud and Gallagher immediately.  The initial consultation is free.  Insurance companies hire investigators and adjustors right away and so should you.  If you do not need an attorney we can inform you of that and there will be no charge.

When should my personal injury claim be filed?

There are strict legal guidelines as to when a case needs to be filed.  If some deadlines are passed then you may lose your right to pursue a claim forever.

Should I see a doctor? If so, who?

Seeking the appropriate medical attention is the most important thing you can do. If it is an emergency you should go to the emergency room.  Make an appointment with your regular doctor, whom you trust.  Be careful to not let the insurance company or your employer select a physician for you.  Call Braud and Gallagher immediately.

How long will my personal injury case take?

Each case is unique and some take longer than others.  We push our cases to trial as soon as we can.  We know that quickly resolving your case is important and accordingly we use all means to resolve your case expeditiously.  However, we do not take the case to trial or settle before it is properly prepared.

How much are attorney fees in personal injury cases?

In most personal injury cases firms work on a contingency basis.  This means that when the case is successfully resolved the firm charges a percentage of the amount awarded.  This means it does not cost you money to pursue a personal injury claim.  All expenses are advanced by Braud and Gallagher.