New Orleans Car Accident FAQ

We understand that being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be a jarring experience, to say the least. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions that our clients have had in regards to their car crash claims in New Orleans. Read on to see if we have addressed your concerns, and if your question isn’t listed below, please reach out to our firm for more information.

What is comparative negligence?

In Louisiana, when the injury victim has partially contributed to the cause of their accident, they will still be able to pursue compensation for their damages as per Louisiana comparative negligence laws. You should expect your final award to be reduced based on the percentage of culpability you are found to carry.

For example, if you are awarded a sum of $500,000 and you are 25 percent liable for the cause of the accident, your claim will be resolved at an award of $375,000.

Should I give the insurance company a statement about my car accident?

We never recommend that our clients give a statement to the insurance company. This is because the insurer likely is not going to be on your side when you file a claim with them.

Having to pay out on a claim is not in their best interest, and you can expect the insurance adjuster to do everything possible to minimize the amount that they’ll be obligated to settle for. By allowing your attorney to handle all communications with the insurance company, you can be sure that your settlement will be protected from avaricious insurance tactics.

The insurer made me an offer; should I accept it?

That really depends on how much your offer was for. More than likely, the insurance company has made you a quick offer because they realize that your damages are worth far more than they are willing to settle for.

By making you a fast offer, they are hoping that you will be tempted by the quick cash you and your family need to continue to support yourselves. In all actuality, your accident claim is probably worth significantly more, which is why it is always best to review your settlement offer with your New Orleans car accident attorney prior to accepting it.

How much is my New Orleans car crash claim worth?

Your attorney will need to review all of your damages in order to determine exactly what your claim is worth. Some of the different losses that we will consider in your claim include pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages, loss of consortium, and a number of other different damages as they apply to your claim.

Work with a New Orleans Car Accident Lawyer

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